Sbr latex basf

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Sbr latex basf

Styrene butadiene copolymer SBR latex is a type of synthetic rubber adhesive that is durable and highly recommended for commercial and industrial use. Produced from two monomers—butadiene, which is obtained from petroleum, butane, or ethyl alcohol; and styrene, which is obtained from petroleum or benzene - the pressure-sensitive adhesive is extensively used for bonding fibrous materials.

SBR adhesives are also known for their excellent bonding strength, highly stable properties, and ability to dry quickly and easily.

sbr latex basf

Adhesives, we know how important long-lasting and cost-effective adhesive solutions are to businesses, and our carefully adhesive rubber products will serve a number of purposes and applications. We manufacture and distribute a range of standard rubber adhesive formulations, as well as custom made SBR latex solutions for a wide range of consumers. Adhesive rubber specifically designed to adhere rubber to rubber, this SBR product offers a strong bond, can be used to adhere rubber to leather and rubber to metal.

Solvent based contact cement; perfect for bonding veneer and leather; offers strong bond; will not warp or curl at edges. Adhesive offers customers an extensive range of rubber adhesives that include not only synthetic rubber but also acrylics, natural rubberand hot melt adhesives, to name a few.

Our multi-purpose adhesive rubber formulations are used as bonding agents for many different purposes and materials such as cloth, metals, wood, leather and much more.

Here at U. Adhesives, we not only manufacture and distribute standard adhesives, we can also modify or create customized products depending on your specific needs. With over existing adhesives in our formulary, we seek to provide all our clients with innovative, affordable, high quality and durable adhesive products that will work over long periods of time to suit our customers' specialized requirements. To learn more about the adhesive products that we offer, or for inquiries regarding our custom adhesive formulations, please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

Below is a listing of our most popular SBR latex synthetic rubber adhesives:. SBR-2 Adhesive rubber specifically designed to adhere rubber to rubber, this SBR product offers a strong bond, can be used to adhere rubber to leather and rubber to metal. SBR-3 Rubber cement; adheres porous or non-porous substrates.


SBR-4 Solvent based contact cement; perfect for bonding veneer and leather; offers strong bond; will not warp or curl at edges. Toll Free Tel. Carroll Ave. Adhesives, Inc. All rights reserved. SBR Latex Synthetic Rubber Styrene butadiene copolymer SBR latex is a type of synthetic rubber adhesive that is durable and highly recommended for commercial and industrial use.

Below is a listing of our most popular SBR latex synthetic rubber adhesives: Item.The Global SBR Latex Market research report is an elementary and professional detailing of the essential elements driving the SBR Latex market growth rate and the revenue statistic of the specific industry. The world SBR Latex market report is said to an accurate competitive overview of the business-driven outlook elaborating on expansion tactics adopted by major competitors of the SBR Latex industry.

As per the latest study, the global SBR Latex industry is expected to gather vital estimations while registering a lucrative annual growth rate during the predicted time period. The research document also showcases most crucial information related to the complete assessment that market retains and an in-depth analysis of the SBR Latex industry along with the availability of several growth opportunities.

In the recently published report, our experts have widely introduced a large set of essential parameters such as development policies as well as plans, cost structures, and a brief manufacturing processes. Moreover, the report studies cost, supply and demand figures, gross margins, import or export consumption, revenue and price. It also focuses on the world SBR Latex market players offering a list of significant details such as product image and its specification, company profiles, revenue, SBR Latex market share, capacity, SBR Latex market size, contact into production and so on.

The global SBR Latex market development trends and industrial channels are also investigated in this report. It covers an in-depth analysis as well as feasibility of newly investment projects.

Along with the bunch of tables and figures the recent study report offer significant statistics on the actual state of the worldwide SBR Latex industry and recommended source of guidance and direction for numerous enterprises and interested players in the SBR Latex market.

The study report also describes the fundamental information about the SBR Latex market such as application, industry outlook, definition, SBR Latex market chain structure, policy analysis, classification and more.

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Insightful estimations for the worldwide SBR Latex market for the upcoming few years have also been involved in the report. Related Articles. March 24, 4. April 6, March 20, 9. March 12, 6. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram. Close Log In.The report offers a common platform with multiple opportunities to many firms, associations, industries, and other products and services providers.

With this report, competitors in the market can offer better products and acceptable services to the clients and expand their business at a global level. The major market holding key contenders are analyzed along with their with the capacity, production, price, revenue, cost, gross, gross margin, sales volume, sales revenue, consumption, growth rate, import, export, supply, future strategies.

The ancient data is given from and the estimated period is from based on revenue USD Billion. Various factors that can considerably accelerate and slow down the growth rate of the SBR Latex market are further highlighted in the report.

It covers the current status and future outlook of the market growth. In the end, the opinions of the industrial experts are included in the report. The geographical categorization of the SBR Latex market has also been evaluated thoroughly in the report.

With an in-depth market evaluation across the major regions such as United States, China, European Union, Rest of World Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asiathe report proves to be a valuable resource for the key players, new entrants, as well as future investors.

Moreover, the report gives information on the trade overview, policy, regional market, business operation data, market features, regional trade, investment opportunity, investment calculation and another important aspect of the SBR Latex industry.

Additional factors covered in this report include SWOT analysis, product specifications and peer group analysis with important financial metrics like gross margin, total revenue, segment revenue, and total assets, etc. Please connect with our sales team sales marketresearchplace. Adhesive, The geographical categorization of the SBR Latex market has also been evaluated thoroughly in the report. The market review for the global market with categorized and summarized data based on types, regions, companies, and applications of the product.

The report offers a competitive market scenario among major players of the industry, a proper understanding of the growth opportunities and the important strategies of top players in the market. Categorized and summarized data based on types, regions, companies, and applications of the product. Data of the SBR Latex insights, consumption, market share, and judgment over the globe. Related Articles. February 25, February 29, 9. February 28, In latex form, the SBR particles are extremely small averaging.

As a result, the physical dispersion of the polymer particles is rapid and thorough. The base polymer is also available in various molecular weights for improved asphalt compatibility if needed. Heat and mechanical agitation with time produce a homogenous blend of polymer in the asphalt.

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As the latex is added, the polymer particles swell from the heat and solvating effects of the resins and oils in the asphalt. A micro-network forms with the polymer producing enhanced rheological properties. With the implementation of Superpave, a product of the Strategic Highway Research Program SHRPthe use of rheological engineering properties to describe asphalt cement performance has become essential.

sbr latex basf

With over 1, different binder systems characterized, the effect of SBR Latex Polymers on different asphalt binders is well understood. The Superpave binder AASHTO MP1 performance grade requirements provide the materials engineer with better guidelines for creating the optimum polymer-modified asphalt cement.

A wide range of SBR Latex Polymers can be used in unique formulations with different asphalt cements to produce the ideal performance grade. Although the binder is not the primary cause of rutting and shoving in asphalt concrete pavements, it does play a significant role.

The increased elasticity of the binder allows the system to recover more readily from deformations than unmodified systems. The SBR modified binder shows an improvement in properties over unmodified asphalt. With the incorporation of the Pressure Aging Vessel, estimates of the long-term aging properties can be made.

SBR Latex Polymers show dramatically lower long-term aging, which emphasizes the durability of the binder. The reduction in aging effects greatly increases the life of the pavement, and ultimately reduces the life cycle cost of the pavement structure. One of the advantages of using SBR Latex Polymers is the reduction in the temperature susceptibility.

At high temperatures, the modified binder shows much higher stiffness. Modification ensures high flexibility at low temperatures, and greater visco-elasticity at high temperatures. Engineers and agency personnel have found that using SBR Latex Polymers for modified asphalt projects reduces the tendency of the binder to strip from problem aggregates.

This finding is supported by extensive lab testing and limited field evaluations of new latex polymers. Our database with over 2, entries attests to our experience with different source asphalts supplied by asphalt suppliers and Departments of Transportation.

These presentations have been very useful in understanding the Superpave performance grade specification and the enhanced properties of SBR Latex Polymers. Many states routinely use SBR Latex Polymers as additives in hot-mix asphalt pavements for roads and airports. Airports use them to help prevent thermal cracking, stripping and reflective cracking. Airport authorities noted that the use of SBR Latex allowed more binder in the mixture, thus increasing durability.

Another advantage of using SBR Latex Polymers as an asphalt modifier is that they can be added to any stage of the paving chain — from the refinery to the on-site job location. Major changes in technique are not required. Cationic latex polymers modify cationic emulsions, while anionic latex polymers can modify asphalt cements and anionic emulsions. Connect with us:. Search for:. SBR Latex Polymers.Umergaon, ValsadG. CSarigam, Umergaon, Valsad -Dist. Valsad, Gujarat. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Lakhdhirpur, Morbi, Dist.

Rajkot, Gujarat. Surat, Gujarat.

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Thane, Maharashtra. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Erode, Tamil Nadu. Verified Supplier Company Video. Lucknow B Block, Flat No. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Vijapur, Dist. Mehsana No. C- Gandhunagar-Mahudi Road, Ta. Vijapur, District Mehsana, Vijapur -Dist. Mehsana, Gujarat. Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad Shed No. Chet Singh Nagar, Ludhiana No. Ludhiana, Punjab. Vadodara, Gujarat. Bhowanipore, Kolkata Elgin Chamber, No. B, Bhowanipore, Kolkata -Dist. Kolkata, West Bengal. Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Dist. Have a requirement? Get Best Price. Showing results with Videos.

sbr latex basf

Clear Filter. Location Near Me. Technical Grade Liquid Dr.Styrene-butadiene latexes are stable emulsions which come from the families of synthetic rubbers derived from styrene and butadiene.

SB latex and SBR latex exhibits good aging stability and abrasion resistance when protected by additives. SB latex and SBR latex are high-solids latexes which are segmented based on their styrene content.

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SBR latex is more elastomeric and has low styrene content, while SB latex acts like a plastic, having higher styrene content. In the overall market for synthetic latex, SB latex accounts for the larger share. SBR latex being the smaller segment is used for molded foams and adhesives.

Other synthetic latex such as styrene-butadiene SB vinylpyridine terpolymers represents a minimal portion which is used in tire cord treatments. The global market for synthetic-butadiene latex is highly fragmented, with more than 50 manufacturers present in the industry. Owing to low overall growth and high fragmentation of the market, further rationalization of the supply chain management as well as rationalization in the production capacity is expected in the near future.

The global demand for styrene-butadiene latex has been growing at a medium pace over the past few years. Demand for SB latex was the largest from the paper coatings industry, where products such as carboxylated SB latex accounts for the most preferred synthetic pigment binder for coated papers. The coatings based on SB latex offer enhanced pigment binding and high coating speed which leads to high gloss level, brightness, smoothness, opacity and water resistance at lower costs than its alternatives.

SB latex products are significantly used in coated printing papers such as advertising flyers, label stock, annual reports, magazines and catalogues. Other applications of SB latex include coated paperboard products such as folding cartons used in the food packaging industry. In addition to optimizing stiffness, glueability, and improving ink and varnish performance, the latex uniformly enhances the print performance as well as brightness.

Styrene-butadiene latexes are also used for saturating paper for manufacturing specialty papers and boards to gain resistance to petroleum or grease, or to enhance strength at high temperatures. Other prominent applications of SB latex include backcoatings in tufted carpets. These coatings hold the tufts in place and anchor the pile fibers which provide improved resistance and stability to tuft loss at the edges of the carpet.

The latex serves as the laminating adhesive mainly for a secondary backing such as polypropylene, but also functions as the actual support on some carpets. The content in SB latex products, styrene-butadiene varies depending upon the physical characteristics in the final product.BUTONAL NX is a mechanically stable latex polymer dispersion that is readily incorporated into cationic asphalt emulsions through addition to the soap solution batch process or co-milling continuous process.

BUTONAL NX provides excellent cohesion and adhesion properties with aggregate and significantly enhances the residue properties such as forced ductility, toughness and tenacity, torsional recovery, and softening point over conventional cationic polymers.

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Suggested applications: Asphalt modification. Request a sample How can we help? Product downloads Safety datasheets 3 Technical datasheets 1. Material safety datasheet USA. Download File. Country: USA. Material safety datasheet Canada. Country: Canada. Material safety datasheet Mexico. Country: Mexico. Technical datasheet. Other Application. Estimated Annual Volume.

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